New Wheeled Order

New Wheeled Order (NWO) is Manchester Roller Derby’s men’s A team.  Formed in December 2011 as the first men’s roller derby team in Manchester.

2015 Tier 2 Brit Champs Champions – photo by Shirlaine Forrest
2016 Tier 1 Brit Champs (4th out of 6 teams) – photo by Shirlaine Forrest

Since 2011 NWO have achieved:

– Mens European Roller Derby Championships July 2013 (Birmingham, UK): winner of the bowl and 4th of 12 teams.

– Mohawk Valley Cup August 2013 (Rome, New York, USA):
Tournament All Star team blocker: U-Go Boss

– Men’s Sur5al tournament June 2014 (Barrow-in-Furness, UK): 3rd of 12 teams.

– Men’s European Cup August 2014 (Newcastle, UK): 6th of 8 teams.
Tournament All Star team best blocker: Smack Bauer

– Men’s European Cup July 2015 (Newcastle, UK): 6th of 8 teams.
Tournament All Star team best blocker: Don Gingovanni
Tournament All Star team best jammer: Lt Damn

– British Championships Tier 2 – 2015 season – finished 1st out of 6 teams

– British Championships Premier Tier 1 – 2016 season – finished 4th out of 6 teams

And had 5 skaters represent their international countries in the 2016 Mens Roller Derby World Cup in Calgary.

Alien Al – England, Zube – Scotland, U-Go Boss – Wales, Lt Damn – Captain of Ireland, Don Gingovanni – England. Photo by Shirlaine Forrest



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